Monday 08 May 2017 – What’s The Blogging Point?!

I have only recently started blogging, and it is by far, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life (as is this cup of tea with custard cream biscuits sitting beside me!) – I really enjoy it.  I have always enjoyed writing, and I always have a book in my hand.  You can call me a geek if you like, but I would take your comment as a compliment.  One evening, about two and a half weeks ago, I spontaneously picked up my MacBook and began writing.  It was late at night, and I thought I’d just quickly throw together a short biography of me and my family, and then retire to bed.

However, once I started writing, I felt a wave of confidence and a feeling of adrenaline wash over me – and I liked it.  I read my “short biography” back to myself, (which was now 1000 words long), and I really like what I had put down.

Now, I had heard of blogs in the past, and I had a slight idea of what they were all about.  My assumption was that they are like diaries.  And be honest, thats what put me off from reading them.  I arrogantly thought “How boring. Why would I want to know about a strangers life, whom i will most likely never meet.”

Once I had finished what would be my first blog entry, I realised that this was what a blog is, and I liked what I had written.  I then thought, “Well maybe I like it because its my history and everyone likes to reminisce every now and then.”  And so, I simply Googled ‘Blogs’, and WordPress was the first result.  I clicked onto it, and started an account.  My alias didn’t take long to think of.  Using the feeling (happiness) I had got from writing earlier, and writing about what I enjoy the most (my family) – I came to the conclusion that Daddyness would suit me perfectly.

Now I had an account, I delved into as many parenting blogs as I could.  Needless to say, I was loving it!  The different writing styles, and the way parent like me wrote so passionately about their lives and there families.  It was mesmerising!

I thought I would upload my piece of writing to my new account, and see what happens.  After all,  I wasn’t doing it for fame, I was doing it for me.  Once I had finished and actually made my way to bed, it was midnight.  The next morning, I found out that WordPress have an app, and so I downloaded it and logged in.  I had a quick look at my stats and messages, and it had been viewed 62 times!  I thought this was a lot.  I mean, 62 strangers had taken time out of their day to read my blog entry and even if they hadn’t read it, they clicked on it at least because they had an interest.

Now I’m totally hooked!  I refer to myself as the Eminem of the blogging world, in that every couple of minutes I have spare, I will add a bit here and cut a bit there.  I currently have ten drafts, ready to go and I struggle not to just post them all at once right now!  I just love the habit of: thinking an idea, writing it and publishing it.  Plus, if my blog posts help just one person, thats enough for me. I know that saying is such a cliche, but I honestly mean it.

Today, I have expanded my reach through social media and its good fun.  Twitter has to be my favourite platform, followed by Instagram and then Facebook.  It is such a brilliant way to talk to people who are doing what you do, and you can enjoy each others work.  You engage with people who enjoy your writing and its nice to know that someone, somewhere is enjoying it and its helping them.

At the end of the day, I enjoy doing it.  The day that writing doesn’t give me that “feeling” anymore, is the day I will quit.  Until that day comes, I will keep doing what I enjoy and I hope you guys enjoy it too!



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