Friday 12 May 2017 – A Dad’s Internet Browser History 

I don’t know about you, but I google pretty much everything.  They are pointless web searches most of the time, and it’s more to satisfy my curiosity of something I randomly think or have seen on TV etc.  In the past, I’ve googled random thoughts such as: “How much is Apple worth?”, “When will the world end?”, “Most viewed videos on PornHub”. 

To be honest, it’s just to waste a bit of time when I’m bored.  Now I’ve got kids, google has been my saviour for the quizzical questions you just need a quick answer to.  Below are genuine google searches of mine since having kids:

  1. “Good TV shows on at 4AM.”
  2. “Best family cars for sale.”
  3. “How long should a baby cry for?”
  4. “Pram cup holder that fits Thermo cup.”
  5. “What does baby poo look like?”
  6. “Can you die from only having two hours sleep for 3 months?”
  7. “Can you use normal washing up liquid to wash baby bottles?”
  8. “How to cut a baby’s finger nails.”
  9. “How to fold down an iCandy pram.”
  10. “Is there such a thing as tiredness-hallucinations?”
  11. “Is 12 coffees a day too much?”
  12. “How much does a housecleaning service cost in Kent?”
  13. “Can I survive eating Pot Noodles for three weeks straight?”
  14. “When do babies start sleeping through?”
  15. “Is there such a thing as a dry shower?”
  16. “What does colic mean?”

Genuine google searches I have made.  If someone at google (a googler maybe?), was watching me type and search frantically, I bet they had a good little chuckle.  So to the ‘googler’ watching my online searches, if you don’t have kids yet you’ll understand that these searches are a must – so stop laughing, geek!



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